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What do we say about coincidences? The universe is rarely so lazy.


Here you will find a moderately organized mess of anything related to doctor who. Sometimes I'll post my own stuff, sometimes I reblog, but mostly I queue with the tag #doctor q.

Most people think happiness is about gaining something, but it's not. It's all about getting rid of the darkness you accumulate.

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I believe in the Doctor.

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Your song must end again, my love,

Though not before the show.

Stand in the light just one more time,

And battle through the snow.

And now it’s time for one last bow,

Like all your other selves’.

Eleven’s hour is over now,

The clock is striking twelve’s.



RTD Meme: 8 Episodes [8/8]


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bruh wtf mad rude

Just a few of the amazing cosplayers at Galliday 2014!

*All pictures are mine, but feel free to tag yourself if you are in any of the pictures!

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66/100 favourite Billie Piper pictures

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Oh look at you. Stuck between a girl and a box. Story of your life, eh Doctor?

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"For me, help him. Go on. And don’t be afraid."

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So moments pass as though
they wished to stay.
We have not long to love.
A night. A day…

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dear cas